Did you know that only 10% of women choose STEM occupations and only 6% of men are working in education, health and social work activities (EHW) activities in Estonia? In fact, in most European countries the gender stereotyping of careers is still a hidden issue and one of the key contributing factors to ongoing overall inequality in the labour market.

Teachers and guidance professionals play an important role in acknowledging and addressing such stereotypical views and practices; directing attention to the issues and explaining the implications of different (and outdated) beliefs.

We need to support young people in overcoming gender inequality; being aware of restrictive gender stereotypes in everyday life and planning their future careers free from stereotyping.

The Estonian Euroguidance Centre invited teachers and the wider European Guidance Community across Europe to a WEBINAR, where their experts - Ms. Maria Tiidus and Ms. Jelizaveta Dulberg - introduced some new cross media tools; showcasing the latest experiences on addressing gender equality in career guidance.

Check out the recording of this webinar (from 24th September 2019) below.

You can also explore the TV series “Why not?!” and guidelines and other tools at https://brea-k.eu/en/