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Euroguidance Insight

                                                                Euroguidance Insight Magazine Issue 2021

                  The Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect the flow of normal life in many areas, as well as in the
                  field of mobility and lifelong guidance. In these times when face-to-face meetings and mobility are
                  limited, people's access to information, making the right decisions and directing their lives have
                  become important issues. Currently, almost no countries have a clear idea about the course of the
                  pandemic and what effects it will have on our lives.

                  In these difficult times, each country carries out studies in line with its own internal dynamics in
                  terms of informing people, their access to counselling and career services, and the effective use of
                  human resources.

                  In this issue, you will find different country experiences on how service delivery is provided, what
                  new tools have been developed, and the importance of information and communication
                  technologies, especially under pandemic conditions.
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