International research confirms that effective career guidance helps individuals to reach their potential, strengthens innovation and competitiveness and has a positive impact on the economy. Practitioner competence is one of the cornerstones of service quality in many sectors, and certainly so in the field of career guidance.

In 2021, Euroguidance Estonia launched a study with the aim to find out how learning supports the professional development in career guidance, which training system would create the best opportunities for its development and to create a training model for professionals who support career development.

The survey was conducted by a research team from Tallinn University. The report provides an overview of the professionalisation of career guidance in Estonia both in education and employment sector, including training offers in the field and the assessments of practitioners, their competencies and learning needs. In addition, solutions are offered for capacity building in the future.

The report is in Estonian, but includes a short summary in English, see page 11 – 14.