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                         The Euroguidance network consists of Euroguidance Centres in 34 European countries. Its mission
                         is to promote the European dimension in lifelong guidance in the member countries as well as to
                         foster international learning mobility by means of guidance services. Its key target group is guidance
                         practitioners in education and employment, who provide information and guidance on international
                         mobility to end-users seeking studying and training opportunities abroad.
                         This Highlights publication aims at providing an overview of the Euroguidance network’s activities
                         and achievements in 2016. For the network the year was very productive, full of diverse challenges
                         and new experiences, which resulted in a wide range of events, publications, study visits and online
                         On the following pages selected examples of these activities are described. They illustrate the lively
                         cross-border exchange of knowledge on guidance and mobility that has taken place within and be-
                         tween the European countries. Even if only one country’s example of a certain type of an activity is
                         given, similar kinds of activities can also be found in many other countries.
                         In this year’s Highlights publication the focus is not only on the individual countries and what they have
                         done to increase the international dimension in guidance and mobility in Europe, but also joint Eurogu-
                         idance network level activities are described. These cross-border actions are essential to strengthen
                         the Euroguidance network’s visibility across communities of guidance practice, research and policy
                         at national and European levels. Moreover, there has been a good cooperation in 2016 between the
                         Euroguidance network and other EU-funded networks, among them Europass, the European Qualifica-
                         tions Framework, Eurydice, Eures, and Eurodesk.
                         We hope that this Euroguidance Highlights 2016 publication can help guidance practice and policy to
                         be better understood concerning the internationalisation of guidance services and how they can better
                         support learning mobility in Europe.

                         We wish you a pleasant reading experience!
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