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1.2         Euroguidance

                 Working Groups

                 There are four Euroguidance working groups  presentatives of the national Euroguidance
                 and each one of them has a special mission.  Centres across the network. The main outcomes
                 On average, there are around 10 members from  of these working groups in 2016 are presented
                 different countries in each working group, all re-  below.

                 1.2.1  Strategy and Quality Working Group

                 During 2016, the Euroguidance Strategy and Qua-  Career Guidance and Counselling Organisations.
                 lity  Working  Group  (SQWG)  continued  to  focus  The group also contributed with a presentation
                 on  defining  strategic  priorities,  representing  the  about the Euroguidance network at the IAEVG
                 network externally and  repositioning the Eu-  conference plenary in Madrid.  Additionally, the
                 roguidance services within the new framework  SQWG added to the awareness of Euroguidance
                 for European tools and services.         through arranging for an information stand to be
                                                          displayed throughout the conference and for the
                 This work included, among other things, drafting   Euroguidance  logo  to  be  shown  on  the  confe-
                 of position papers and key points for the use of   rence’s website.
                 network members and keeping in touch with the
                 contact persons at the European Commission regar-
                 ding ongoing developments. The first steps to deve-
                 lop a framework for impact assessment within
                 the Euroguidance work were taken and the SQWG
                 organized a workshop for the whole network with
                 the EACEA at the plenary meeting held in Prague.
                 The group formulated a plan for further develop-
                 ment of the internal Euroguidance Handbook.
                 The Euroguidance network was officially repre-
                 sented by the SQWG at the Global Symposium for

                                                       1.  EUROGUIDANCE AS AN EU-FUNDED NETWORK FOR GUIDANCE AND MOBILITY  9
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