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1.3         Euroguidance

                         Network’s Regional



                         In the early 2000s, there was a need among  then share the results with the whole Eurogui-
                         several  Euroguidance  Centres  to  have  closer  dance network and other guidance stakeholders
                         guidance cooperation and networking with their  at national and international level. This more
                         neighbouring countries. The idea was simply to  geographically based collaboration has been
                         work together in smaller groups of countries on  developing and growing over the years mainly in
                         joint projects and initiatives, such as events, pub-  two regions: the Nordic and Baltic countries and
                         lications, study visits and training materials, and  in the Central European countries.

                         1.3.1  The Nordic-Baltic Euroguidance


                         The Nordic-Baltic Euroguidance Centres have  tomorrow. The focus was on how guidance can
                         a long tradition in cross-border cooperation.  foster learning mobility. Altogether some 40
                         The  eight  countries  (Denmark,  Estonia,  Finland,  guidance professionals, 14 Euroguidance staff and
                         Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden)  several external experts and speakers attended
                         meet annually to discuss common topics  and  and contributed to the training. The keynote
                         share good practices. During the years they have  speeches and lectures presented the mobility
                         created common products that are of value to   issue from various angles. Most of the time was
                         counsellors throughout Europe. In 2015, the group   dedicated to the sharing of experiences in dealing
                         released the publication  Open the Door to the   with clients, useful tools counsellors have used or
                         World.                                   would like to have used, and how they can utilise
                                                                  the good cooperation established during the
                         In 2016, the first common training course for  course for e.g. participation in mobility projects. As
                         guidance professionals from these eight countries  an outcome of the course the participants set up
                         was held in Vilnius. The theme was international  a closed Facebook group for continuous coope-
                         networking today for new guidance expertise  ration and sharing of useful tools and materials.

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