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1.2.4  Staff Development

                            Working Group

                 The Staff Development Working Group (SDWG)  such as study visits, conferences and seminars.
                 supports  knowledge  sharing  and  skills  deve-  At the Euroguidance network meetings in Prague
                 lopment within the Euroguidance network.  and Bratislava the members of SDWG facilitated
                 The group carried out an internal survey of the  the interactive parts of the sessions. The possibi-
                 network members to find out what the most  lity of running online training sessions (webinars)
                 needed  competences  are  in  relation  to  the  Eu-  for the network was discussed and related plans
                 roguidance work. The survey revealed that the  made for 2017.
                 most sought-after skill was to understand and to
                 be up-to-date with national and European level   The SDWG promoted good practices inside the
                 developments in the field of guidance. In addition,   network, such as the National Career Guidance
                 networking and efficient communication with   Awards, which in 2016 took place in 4 countries
                 professionals as well as organisational skills are   (the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Hunga-
                 in high demand.                          ry and Serbia). A common compendium on the
                                                          Awards for good guidance practices in these
                 The SDWG gave its support to events addressed  countries was prepared and shared across the
                 to network members and guidance counsellors,  whole network.

                                                       1.  EUROGUIDANCE AS AN EU-FUNDED NETWORK FOR GUIDANCE AND MOBILITY  11
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