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1.2.2  Communications and

                                    Promotion Working Group

                         The Communication and Promotion working  the network at the international guidance con-
                         group’s (CPWG) main task is to increase the visibi-  ference (IAEVG) held in Madrid in November.
                         lity of the Euroguidance network in relation to its    Furthermore, the working group followed up the
                         key target groups and stakeholders. The working   progress made in the European Commission’s
                         group dealt with the development of the net-  Learning Opportunities and Qualifications in Eu-
                         work’s current website ( and ini-   rope –portal. The national Euroguidance Centres
                         tiated the conceptualisation work on designing   have the obligation to ensure that information on
                         the contents and structure of the new website   education and training offers in their countries can
                         to be created. The Highlights publication that pre-   be found there. During 2014-16, the Euroguidance
                         sents the network’s main achievements in 2015   Centres with their relevant national authorities
                         was edited, laid out and produced by the group. In   have created national learning databases, or if
                         addition,  two Euroguidance  Insight newsletters   such databases already existed, they have been
                         were compiled, laid out and published online. The  connected to the European portal. Separate EU
                         Euroguidance  Facebook site was actively used  funding has been available to the Euroguidance
                         for posting updates on guidance- and mobility-  Centres  for enabling  this development work on
                         related matters. In addition, the working group  database creation and establishment of intercon-
                         colleagues coordinated the activities to promote  nectivity between national and European portals.

                         1.2.3  Mobility Working Group

                         The Mobility working group’s main task is to de-  France (webinar) and promoted the Wiki platform
                         velop and disseminate practical tools and infor-  at the IAEVG Conference in Madrid, in November
                         mation on mobility. In this way the increasingly  (a poster session).
                         internationally oriented work and continuous   For promoting mobility among guidance professi-
                         training of guidance counsellors in the education
                         and employment sectors can be supported. In   onals, the group has been reflecting on how to cre-
                                                                  ate synergies between different types of mobility
                         2016, the group met twice to discuss their acti-
                         vities.                                  experiences (international job shadowing, study
                                                                  visits abroad, Academia mobility programme for
                         All information, links and booklets on mobility  guidance counsellors, etc.). The group conducted
                         advice that have been developed by the group  a small-scale survey on these issues to collect
                         are accessible online through their Wiki platform.  input and insight from the Euroguidance Centres.
                         These resources are regularly updated (available  The results indicate that it would be helpful for
                         in French, English, German, Latvian, Flemish,  the Euroguidance network to have a system to
                         Greek and Croatian). In 2016, the group mem-  manage guidance practitioners’ mobility and a
                         bers organised training activities on mobility for  well-functioning communication platform about
                         guidance practitioners in Belgium, Germany and  these opportunities.

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