Page 6 - Euroguidance-Networkys-Highlights-of-the-Year-2016
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                         The European Commission is delighted to mark another successful year of activities by the Euroguidance
                         network. This publication reflects the range of work, expertise and commitment by the Euroguidance
                         network in delivering on its goals of promoting international mobility and the European dimension in
                         lifelong guidance.
                         Guidance is imperative to enabling and supporting people to become mobile and realise the positive
                         opportunities all around us. Euroguidance Centres equip guidance professionals across Europe with the
                         skills and knowhow to put people on paths to mobility and informed choices.  The importance of this
                         role has never been more crucial.

                         This publication is not only a catalogue of the many activities of the individual Euroguidance Centres,
                         but also evidence of the great cooperation between the Centres in what is a truly European network.
                         The Commission looks forward to supporting the continued good work of the network in 2017.

                         Sonia Peressini, European Commission
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