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2.2          National

                 Guidance Seminars

                 and Conferences

                                                          Many  national  seminars  and  conferences  were
                                                          organised by the Euroguidance Centres through-
                                                          out Europe in 2016. These events are excellent
                                                          fora for knowledge sharing and information
                                                          exchange as well as networking among guidance
                                                          practitioners and experts at national and regional
                                                          levels. The themes of such events are mostly lin-
                                                          king guidance and international mobility from a
                                                          number of perspectives. On some occasions, the
                                                          Euroguidance Centres have also been involved
                                                          in hosting events addressing young people and
                                                          promoting international learning opportunities for
                                                          Euroguidance  Austria held a conference that
                                                          focused on the practice of  recognising  skills
                                                          and qualifications obtained abroad. Some 150
                                                          guidance experts participated and explored
                                                          methods for providing guidance and support to
                                                          recently arrived migrants (conference website).
                                                          Presentations were given on:
                                                          •  the initial findings of an ongoing OECD study
                                                             (to be published in 2017) on the integration
                                                             into the labour market through the recog-
                                                             nition of formal qualifications obtained in
                                                             and brought over from abroad across OECD
                                                          •  the need for a “post-integrative” access in or-
                                                             der to adopt a pragmatic approach to seizing
                                                             the social opportunities provided by immigra-
                                                             tion in the long term;
                                                          •  how qualifications brought over from other
                                                             countries are validated and recognised in
                                                          •  the specific challenges facing guidance offers
                                                             in schools and beyond, which are compound-
                                                             ed by the fact that the number of young peo-
                                                             ple threatened by educational disadvantage
                                                             and/or unemployment is growing;

                                                                         2. EUROGUIDANCE CENTRES’ INVOLVEMENT IN EVENTS  17
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