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          NADINE – an online service to integrate migrants

           Over the past few years, European countries have been struggling to effectively deal with the arrival of
           migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. The integration of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers into
           both employment and wider society is vital in helping them to realise their potential and reduce the strain
           they put on local authorities. Therefore, the ability to identify the needs of employers and match this with
           the skill and education levels of migrants will be vital in their effective distribution and integration.

           NADINE is a three-year Horizon 2020 project that      Professionals  will  also  be   able  to  access
           aims to harness the potential of open data and        information about migrant skill and education
           artificial intelligence to more effectively integrate  levels and their potential barriers to employment.
           migrants and refugees into European society. This     This will help them to more effectively tailor their
           will be achieved through the creation of an online    services to each individual. Extra support will also
           system that will develop two banks of data to gain    be offered to further help integration through a
           a better understanding of the realities of local      chatbot service and FAQs answered by local
           labour markets and the skills of migrants arriving    authorities and public services.
           into Europe.

           Using these two sets of data, a range of services     NADINE is led by French organisation Script and
           will be offered to migrants, professionals working    Go, and includes 12 partners from Belgium,
           with migrants and local authorities. Migrants and     France, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain and the
           career professionals will benefit from a range of     United Kingdom.
           resources, including:

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            training and education.
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