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           Estonians’ desire for efficiency launched a reform in

           lifelong guidance

           From January 2019 career guidance in Estonia is now being provided and developed by the employment
           sector. The Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund has extended its scope and from now on covers the
           whole population. There are two new institutions – the re-launched National Guidance Forum and the
           Archimedes Foundation as a new home for the national Euroguidance centre.

           Before the Golden Age of Guidance until               inefficient use of human and financial resources.
           the end of 2018                                       Accordingly, Estonia is currently in a middle of a
                                                                 career guidance reform. Until the end of 2018, career
                                                                 guidance was provided by both education and
          Since 2015, after the public employment service
          (PES; Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund /           employment systems. Starting from 2019 career
                                                                 information and career counselling services are being
          Eesti Töötukassa) started to provide services to
          working adults as well, therefore the public guidance  offered by and developed in the PES. In practical
                                                                 terms, it means that the career guidance personnel
          services became available for everyone, the so-called
          golden age of guidance in Estonia was born. For the    from Rajaleidja centres were transferred to PES.
                                                                 Foundation Innove supports educational institutions
          first time in history, the policy makers were proud to
          say that public lifelong guidance was a reality. In    in the implementation of the national curricula. In
                                                                 general education, this includes the implementation of
          principle,  the  support  to   identify  capacities,
          competences and interests in order to make             compulsory central topics such as “Lifelong learning
                                                                 and career planning” and a career-related elective
          meaningful educational, training and occupational
          decisions and to manage individual life paths was      subject. In vocational education (VET), the focal point
                                                                 is the generic skills modules, which consist of career
          ensured free of charge.
                                                                 topics combined with entrepreneurship skills which
          The development of career management skills was        are an obligatory part of every VET curriculum.
          supported by the national curricula at all education
          levels. Foundation Innove with its regional Rajaleidja
                                                                 New institutions
          centres (Pathfinder centre in English) was provided
          for young people (age 7 – 26) focusing on the needs
          of the pupils in lower and upper secondary education   In order to ensure the coordinated development and
          (age 15 – 19). The public employment service           the provision of career guidance, the National
          supported unemployed, inactive and employed            Guidance Forum was re-established. Several national
          people. In addition, as part of Youth Guarantee there  stakeholders and relevant ministries are members,
          was an extra initiative to support young people        and the main task of the Forum is to agree on and
          entering the labour market and to bring those not in   monitor the career services’ development goals, and
          education or at work (NEETs) back to education.        to propose further actions necessary to widen the
                                                                 access to and increase the quality of career guidance.
           After the Improvement of the Golden Age               International co-operation in the field of lifelong
           since January 2019                                    guidance has also been reorganized. The new
                                                                 stakeholder in the field is the Archimedes Foundation.
          However, the Estonian government acknowledged          Euroguidance Estonia is the Estonian National
          that there was some room for improvement both          Resource Centre for Guidance providing a range of
          regarding access and quality. It was recognized that   services to Estonian guidance professionals and to
          the previous system with overlapping target groups     professionals  abroad. As    a  member    of   the
          caused the replication of services and therefore       Euroguidance Network, we provide support in the�
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