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          areas of learning mobility and lifelong guidance       There is a shared understanding that proactive
          development    within  education,   training  and      participation in international guidance networks, such
          employment at international level.                     as Euroguidance, is an important source for mutual
                                                                 exchange and inspiration for innovative ideas both for
          To conclude, it has to be noted that the culture of
                                                                 guidance institutions and professionals.
          continuous improvement is the key in most fields of
          activity and this also goes for the Estonian lifelong  “You are welcome to find out about the Estonian
          guidance system. Estonian stakeholders are devoted     education system, labour market and guidance
          to widening the access to and increase the quality of  services  from   the  brand  new    publication  at
          career guidance.                             “

                                                                                                    Margit Rammo,
                                                                                             Euroguidance Estonia

          Norwegian quality framework for career guidance

          The Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research
          has commissioned SkillsNorway to develop a national
          quality framework for career guidance. The goal is to
          develop quality standards that are accepted and
          recognised by the guidance field, teachers, PES
          employees and of course, the clients.The framework
          will be a useful tool for both professional counsellors
          and others who are involved in educational or
          vocational training and guidance. One challenge is to
          detect where guidance takes place, because it is often
          hidden in other services. The latest developments on
          guidance in Norway have focused on creating a
          holistic and systemic guidance structure, and a part of
          that is to identify quality and professional ethical
          guidelines. Four different working groups have been
                                                                 Tonje F. Gravaas (SkillsNorway), Kjell Helge Kleppestø (Director
          formed, each with a separate focus. However, one
                                                                 Hordaland career Center), Gry Eileen Bakken (SkillsNorway) and
          common feature is shared by them all, all standards        Line W. Eng (SKillsNorway) Photo: Hordaland Municipal County
          must be recognised across all sectors. The topics in
          the four different working groups are:
                                                                 Euroguidance Norway was invited as one of the key
                                                                 stakeholders to give feedback to SkillsNorway.
             ∠ Ethical standards
                                                                 Euroguidance gave an input on why and how the
             ∠ Professional competence standards                 international perspective can strengthen both the
                                                                 guidance profession and the clients.
             ∠ Career competence and learning outcome
               standards                                         The final report is due in June 2019.
             ∠ Quality assurance and quality indicators.
                                                                               For more information, please contact
          As a part of the process, SkillsNorway invited
          relevant stakeholders to give their feedback on the                                         Ellen Hagen
          first three issues before the work is finalised. The                              Euroguidance Norway
          quality assurance will be developed at a later stage.
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