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          Erasmus+ supports guidance projects

          Erasmus+ enables people of all ages to take part in stimulating learning experiences, and
          supports the development of the education and training sector across Europe.
          Here, we present two Erasmus+ projects with a Belgian (Flanders) coordinator.

          Coaching children for a future full of                 inequality  in  adult  education  and   improving
          opportunity (KA1)                                      information  and    guidance   services   through
                                                                 developing the skills of counsellors and educational
          Primary school GO! Hendrik Conscience in               professionals. A strategic partnership between
          Schaarbeek (Brussels), Belgium, aims to provide        Belgium, Lithuania, Finland, UK, Slovenia and
          quality education tailored to all students, regardless  Austria was established to promote innovation,
          of their background. The school has identified a       exchange    of   practices  and   know-how.    72
          need for expertise and specific skills amongst the     professionals  were   involved   in  transnational
          school team. The Dutch partner organization            cooperation activities, study visits and continuous
          Centrum Tea Adema offers Child coach basic             professional  development.    The   project   was
          training,  related   follow-up   and    advanced       coordinated by Leerwinkel West, an adult guidance
          programmes. This provides answers to the school’s      centre based in Flanders (Belgium).
          needs. During a series of training events, care
          coordinators   and   teachers  will  acquire  the      An example of a KA3
          necessary theoretical knowledge and develop            project coordinated by
          competences to guide pupils (in cooperation with       the Flemish Department
          the parents) in a child-centered, broad and yet        for   Education    and
          tailored way. This will increase their well-being and  Training) can be found in
          academic performance and empower the children          ‘Recent  Developments
          with tools to become critical, happy active citizens.  in Guidance - Belgium’,
          The school will optimize its care policy and the       which    is  presented
          school team will be supported to improve its           elsewhere in this Insight
          practice. The training abroad will offer participants  edition.
          the opportunity to exchange experiences with their
          Dutch colleagues and to establish contacts for
          future cooperation.

          Adult Educational Information and                                                        Joke Verlinden,
                                                                                Euroguidance Flanders (Belgium)
          Guidance Service (KA2)
          Adult education in Europe varies from country to
                                                                                              Further information:
          country and adults participate in lifelong learning
          each for different reasons. Irrespective of age, origin,            ∠
          social or economic background, adult education                                         ∠
          must be accessible, transparent and inclusive. Some        ∠
          adults struggle to find their way through the adult
          education path, whilst guidance professionals should
          gain broader knowledge. Frameworks and practices
          in adult educational guidance and information
          services should be optimized. The ADEIGUS project
          aimed at increasing adult participation, decreasing
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