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          Exploring the challenges of providing meaningful

          guidance in a multicultural context

          In February, Euroguidance Ireland hosted a study visit which focussed on the Further Education and
          Training (or VET) system in Ireland, with particular reference to upskilling and 'The New Skills Agenda'.
          Participants were from Estonia, Luxembourg, Belgium (Flemish speaking), the Czech Republic and
          Romania. The theme of the visit was to explore the challenges of providing meaningful guidance in a
          multicultural context in Further Education and Training (or VET) and to discuss it in a wider European
          context. The base of the study visit was the Irish National Centre for Guidance in Education (NCGE) and
          it included 'site visits' to a number of provision locations in the Dublin area.

          Providing     an   overview     of   relevant      A number of these presentations can be accessed via
          provision in Ireland                               the link at the end of this article.

          The NCGE Further Education and Training
          Programme Co-ordinator outlined the role of
          the Adult Educational Guidance Services in
          Ireland (AEGS). These dedicated services
          provide guidance at a local level to adults who
          wish to return to education or are attending
          FET (or VET) programmes. The AEGS model
          also offers outreach guidance via Adult
          Community Education Centres around Ireland.        Irish practitioner experience and 'site visits'
          Community     education   can    include  the
          provision of teaching of the English Language      Individual AEGS Guidance staff gave an overview of
                                                             guidance information provision for multicultural clients in
          along with additional free education options for
          persons who may be currently engaged with          Dublin. The group also visited the Business in the
                                                             Community Centre (BITC) where they joined a class run
          the Asylum Seeking Process.
                                                             by Employment for People from Immigrant Communities
          There was an input from Quality and                (EPIC), a support service for immigrants and refugees.
          Qualifications Ireland (QQI) which hosts the       Students in the class were from countries such as Brazil,
          ENIC-NARIC service in Ireland. QQI is also         Venezuela and Argentina.
          responsible for the maintenance, development
          and review of the National Framework of            The group also visited an inner city 'Community Education
                                                             Centre' (HACE) and a Training Centre,      where the
          Qualifications   (NFQ)    which   is   deeply
          embedded in the Irish education system.            Recruitment Officers presented on the Apprenticeships
                                                             and Traineeships programmes available.
                                                             An Adult Education Guidance Counsellor described the
          Providing an overview of relevant                  Guidance Counselling services delivered to the Irish
          provision in participant countries                 Syrian Refugee Programme and gave a case study on the
                                                             challenges faced by refugees and the support of the
          The visiting participants delivered information on  AEGS service.
          their guidance systems and practice in their                                               David Cullen,
          countries   with  reference   to  multicultural                                    Euroguidance Ireland
          guidance. This gave the group the opportunity to
          reflect on the similarities and differences in                    More information and all presentations:
          guidance provision between European countries.
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