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          Online guidance in Flanders

          Onderwijskiezer is an informative website on education and training opportunities in the Dutch
          Speaking Community in Belgium (Flanders and the Brussels-Capital Region). It contains objective,
          neutral information on every officially recognised course in primary and secondary school
          education, higher and adult education, and how they are linked to the labour market. The service is
          used by a wide audience including pupils, students, guidance practitioners, parents and teachers.

          Onderwijskiezer, which is free of    Anyone    with  a   question  on   Onderwijskiezer is represented at
          charge, also offers a number of     education, training or making      every SID-In, providing information
          scientifically reliable tests which  decisions in this area, can submit  and support where needed and
                                              a question to Onderwijskiezer. An
          can help young people explore                                          referring  clients   to   relevant
                                              expert answer within 24 hours is
          their  interests,  strengths  and                                      services    (whether     or   not
          study attitudes. This can be                                           represented at the SID-Ins).
          particularly  useful  when   key
                                              Link with Study Information Days   It is the firm intention to continue to
          decisions  have   to   be  made
                                                                                 position Onderwijskiezer as the
          regarding education, training or    Pupils  in  their  last  year  of
          professional pathways.                                                 unmissable source for information
                                              secondary school education are     and guidance regarding education,

          Onderwijskiezer was chosen as        presented with a wide range of     training and professions.
          the platform for Columbus - a new   study, training and professional
          exploration tool, (see Insight Sept.  opportunities during the Study
          2017) - and for the obligatory      Information Days (SID-Ins). The
          teacher training entry test.        SID-In fairs are organised in all 5
                                              Flemish    provinces    by    the
          Up to date service                  Department of Education and        More   information  on  guidance  in
                                              Training in collaboration with the  Belgium (Flanders) can be found in the
          Onderwijskiezer is managed and       Centres for Pupil Guidance.        brochure  ‘Recent  Developments  in
          updated by a team of guidance                                          Guidance - Belgium’
                                              Onderwijskiezer    offers  a  tool  (
          practitioners - each attached to a
          pupil guidance centre or umbrella   which can be used by visitors to   ations/other-publications )
          of pupil guidance centres. Its      prepare   their  SID-In  visit.  It
          central    management       team    contains information on the SID-
          collects and discloses objective    Ins, dates and locations, the           Jean-Marie Van Steenwinckel,
          information  in  a   user-friendly  possibility to make a personalized                   Onderwijskiezer
          manner.    To    this   purpose,    map of the fair, a checklist to find
          Onderwijskiezer works through                                                              Joke Verlinden,
                                              the    required     study/training            Euroguidance Flanders
          firm partnerships, including the
          Flemish Ministry of Education and   information   and   a   separate
          Training,  the   Flemish   Public   checklist to find the required
          Employment Service (VDAB) and       information on professions.
          Syntra         (Centre        for
          Entrepreneurship Training).
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