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          European Minimum Standard of Competences on

          Gender Equality (EMSC): The Get Up Project

          Gender roles continue to influence crucial         The EMSC
          individual decisions on education, career
          paths, working arrangements, family and            The EMSC is a set of skills and behaviours required to
          fertility. The GET UP project tackled them by      combat gender stereotypes and discrimination in
          strengthening the role of educational and          education, training and the workplace. It describes the
          career choices which guidance professionals        way professionals are asked to implement their
          provide during transition phases.                  activities  in  terms  of   required   attitudes  and
                                                             sensitiveness, the language used and the attention paid
                                                             to crucial gender issues. Each competence description
                                                             is introduced by the words “Making sure that”, which
                                                             refers to the way of executing any activity in order to
                                                             reach the expected result while, at the same time,
                                                             valorizing strengths and differences.

                                                             Some examples

                                                             On information giving/guidance, the EMSC provides
                                                             that professionals, during individual and/or group
                                                             information meetings, make sure that:

                                                               ∠ communication/publications do not discriminate
                                                              on the basis of gender, sex, family situation while
                                                              valorizing gender differences;
                                                               ∠ meetings are planned to be compatible with the
                                                              most suitable times, accessibility of the meeting
                                                              locations and the organizational needs of men and
          The project
                                                               ∠ a   non-discriminatory    language    is   used
          The ability to operate in a competent and           concerning gender, sex, family situation and gender
          ethical manner is crucial in transition phases      stereotypes;
          (from     school     to    school/VET/higher         ∠ information and data are disaggregated by
          education/labour market, from education to          gender.
          workplaces, etc.). Professionals in guidance
          should be equipped with gender skills in order     More information about the project is available at
          to enhance the talents and resources of girls Training materials are available
          and young women. The GET UP project                upon registration.
          defined a European Minimum Standard of
          Competences on Gender Equality (EMSC) for
          HR,   career   guidance   professionals   and         Sylvia Liuti, FORMA.Azione srl, member of the EG Italian
          teachers in order to provide them with a set of                                     Dissemination Network
          skills designed to ensure equal opportunities
                                                                                           Translated by Euroguidance Italy
          between men and women.
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