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Euroguidance Insight

                                                                                                  April 2019

                                                                       In this issue:

                                                                   2   The European Minimum Standard
                                                                       of Competences on Gender

                                                                   3   Gender+ – helping vocational
                                                                       institutions become gender

                                                                   4   Estonians’ desire for efficiency
                                                                       launched a reform in lifelong

                                                                   5   Norwegian quality framework for
                                                                       career guidance

                                                                   6   Online guidance in Flanders

                                                                   7   Erasmus+ supports guidance
          All around Europe the need for better information            projects
          and improved guidance on learning opportunities
                                                                   8   'Exploring the challenges of
          is a prevalent issue. This edition portrays two
          initiatives from Italy and the UK to combat gender           providing meaningful guidance in
          stereotypes. Other articles describe changes on a            a multicultural context'
          systemic level, like the new ways of organizing
                                                                   9   NADINE – an online service to
          guidance in Estonia and the new framework for
          quality in guidance in Norway. Flanders has a new            integrate migrants
          website for learning opportunities in Flanders, and
          the UK has a new site for migrants. There is still a     9   VET in France: more mobility for
          recognised need for the promotion of Vocational              apprentices!
          Education Training (VET) and both France and
          Ireland share recent developments in this edition.
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