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          Gender+ – helping vocational institutions become

          gender positive

          Despite advancements made in gender equality,               The project is led by the United Kingdom and
          many vocational courses continue to be split                includes partners from Bulgaria, Cyprus,
          along traditional gender lines, and minority                Finland, Italy and Slovenia. The benchmarking
          gender group such as trans and non-binary, are              tool will be available for pilot testing in Spring
          underrepresented.           Although      vocational        2020.
          institutions may be attempting to overcome
          stereotypes         and       embrace         gender
          mainstreaming, this process can be slow and
          include complex challenges.
          Gender+, a two-year Erasmus+ KA2 project, will
          address gender inclusion within vocational education by
          producing a series of resources to help institutions
          understand how they can improve gender equality.
          These resources will allow organisations to become
          aware of the steps they need to take to develop gender
          positive services that consider a range of gender
          identities and overcome stereotypes.
                                                                                             Woman working with industries
          The resources that the project will produce are:

                                                                             Emma Campbell – Euroguidance UK
            ∠ A Gender Positive Charter which will set out the
            minimum requirements an organisation should
            adhere to in order to be considered gender positive.
                                                                            For more information about the project, visit:
            ∠ A    Benchmarking     Tool   which    will  allow                                  ∠  Facebook page
            organisations to measure how gender inclusive they                                      ∠
            are, forming a Gender Footprint. Organisations that                                        Twitter page
            score highly against the benchmarking tool and
            achieve an ‘excellent’ footprint will be awarded a
            Gender+ quality mark which can be used to promote
            their        gender         positive        status.
            ∠ Gender Champion Skills Profile which will help
            organisations develop the role of a ‘Gender
            Champion’ – this dedicated staff member will be able
            to  drive   policy  and   development   from   the
            perspective of gender inclusion.
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